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The Eightfold Path consists of eight practices: right view, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right samadhi 

(1) correct view : an accurate understanding of the nature of things, specifically the Four Noble Truths.


 (2) correct intention: avoiding thoughts of attachment, hatred, and harmful intent.


(3) correct speech : refraining from verbal misdeeds such as lying, divisive speech, harsh speech, and senseless speech.


 (4) correct action: refraining from physical misdeeds such as killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct.


 (5) correct livelihood: avoiding trades that directly or indirectly harm others, such as selling slaves, weapons, animals for slaughter, intoxicants, or poisons.


 (6) correct effort: abandoning negative states of mind that have already arisen, preventing negative states that have yet to arise, and sustaining positive states that have already arisen.


 (7) correct mindfulness: awareness of body, feelings, thought, and phenomena (the constituents of the existing world


 (8) correct concentration: single-mindedness.



Buddha 8 auspicious Nobel path(Dharma Wheel)

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